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The World Kigo Database is collecting words from all over the world that may be used as seasonal words (kigo 季語) for haiku of the respective areas. It is based on the concept of a Japanese Dictionary of Seasonal Words (saijiki 歳時記), but addresses all cultures, areas and regions of the world, where people are now writing haiku in languages other than Japanese.
Regional cultural keywords (topics) are also included.

Every haiku poet is welcome to contribute !


This database covers more than 6000 seasonal themes (kidai) and seasonal words (kigo).
They can not all be shown in the ABC index, so please use the general search for a specific keyword:

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Caution !
Not all words in the following list are KIGO.
Some are haiku TOPICS (keywords) to be used during the whole year.
Check each entry carefully !


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KIGO – Its use in haiku
The Basics about season words.

Seasons and Categories
Learn the Basics of World Kigo.

. Topics and Keywords used in haiku
The Basics about TOPICS.

General Information Essays about kigo.

- Basic Haiku Theories - Haiku Lessons -
a must read for beginners
(AHA-moment, cut (kire), juxtaposition, ma the pause, pivot, rhyme, riddles, tontoism, wabi sabi, zappai and many more)

Encourageing LOCALISM in your haiku !

. WKD Kigo Calendar - the 12 Months .

Translating Haiku - Kumarajiva, the Translator  鳩摩羅什


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.. .. .. .. Saijiki about special topics

. WKD ... The complete SAIJIKI LIST  

Bird Saijiki

Ceremonies and Festivals Saijiki
Buddhist, Shinto and other Japanese Events Saijiki

Fish and Seafood Saijiki 魚歳時記 Sakana Saijiki

Humanity and Daily Life ... kigo for all seasons

Memorial Days of Famous People, Celebrities .....

Placenames PLACE NAMES used in Haiku Japan and Worldwide
Ortsnamen, utamakura 歌枕

Personal names, Names of Persons used in Haiku Japan and Worldwide

Sweets Saijiki 和菓子歳時記 Wagashi Saijiki

Tea Ceremony Saijiki 茶道の歳時記 

Vegetable Saijiki 野菜歳時記 Yasai Saijiki

- WASHOKU ... Japanese Food Saijiki


WKD .. .. Lists of Non-Seasonal Haiku Topics
(Keywords, mu-ki 無季 no season)

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Introducing Japanese Haiku Poets 

Introducing Japanese Culture through Haiku

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world haiku...
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is another's topic

~Vaughn Seward [CAN.AB] May 2006


A final thought about Japanese and English Haiku before we start :

If you take a tom cat,
cut off his head (kigo),
cut off his four legs (5-7-5),
cut off his tail (kire-ji) and
present this creature to the world,
what would it be called?

Gabi Greve
haikku. Dr. med. Gabriele Greve



sajiki is a misspelling of SAIJIKI.


. Japan - after the BIG earthquake  
Reporting since March 11, 2011


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.. .. .. .. Alphabetical Index - World Kigo Database


.................................................... AAA

Abacus, soroban, Abakus Japan. wasan, Japanese calculation
Abalone (awabi) Haliotis giganitea Japan
Abortion and the tree Talhi Sahib (sheesham,shisham) India
Acacia blossoms Yemen, Japan
Acebia, akebia (akebi) Japan. Akebia quinata. chocolate vine.
Acorn (donguri) Japan. and more nuts and berries

Advent Christian Communities

Adzuki beans, Red Beans, "small beans" (azuki 小豆 )

.. .. .. .. African Haiku

Afterglow (of the sun after sunset) (yuuyake) Japan
Afternoon sun (nishibi) Japan

AIDS, World AIDS Day Kenya, worldwide
Air conditioning (reiboo) Japan. room cooler

.. .. .. .. Alaska Kiyose

Alberta Family Day, Canada
Alfonsino fish (kinmedai) Beryx splendens
All Saints’ Day
All Souls' Day
Aloe vera (aroe) Japan
Alzheimer's Day worldwide

Amaryllis (amaririsu) Japan
Ambedkar Jayanti, Memorial Day India

Ameyoko shopping alley in Ueno Japan

. . . Amida Buddha Japan
Amida Prayer (Namu Amida Butsu) Japan. Amitabha. Nenbutsu, Nembutsu.

Amihan and Habagat Monsoon Philippines

Angelus Prayer (Catholic Communities)
Anglerfish, "frog fish" (ankoo) Japan. Lophiomus setigerus. Seeteufel


Anklets (payal) India, Bracelets, Bangles
Ant, ants (ari)Japan, worldwide. Termites, fire ants. Ant lion, doodlebug (arijigoku)

Antidote medicine for summer ailments (dokukeshi) Japan

Aphid, plant louse (aburamushi, arimaki) Japan
Apple (ringo) Japan. Including candy apple, apple pie and many more

Apricot blossoms (anzu no hana) Japan

April (shigatsu)           
..... April Fool (shigatsu baka) Japan. Worldwide

Arc clam (akagai) "red clam", arc clam Japan. Edo wazurai "the Illness of Edo", and Kagurazaka

Armistice Day Europe (Poppy Day, Rememberance Day, Veterans Day)

..... Aroma, Smell, Fragrance in various kigo

Aronia (kaidoo) Japan. Malus halliana
Arrowhead (kuwai) Japan. Sagittaria trifolia. Pfeilkraut
Arrowroot flower, Kudzu flower (kuzu no hana) Japan
Art festival (geijutsusai) Japan. Geijutsu, Culture events in autumn

Asama Mountain in Shinano Mount Asama. Japan
Ash Wednesday (hai no suiyoobi) and Mardi Gras (Fat Tuedday)
Ashes and Japanese culture Japan. Tea ceremony, way of incense ...
Ashigara Mountain and the Kintaro Legend Japan
Aso, Mount Aso Kyushu, Japan
Aster (fam. Diplopappus) Europe. China Aster (Callistephus)

Athlete's foot (mizumushi) Japan
Ati-Atihan Festival Philippines

Aum (阿吽) A-Un, Om. India. Alpha and Omega.

August (hachigatsu) "leaf month" (hazuki) ... Japan
August First (hassaku) Japan. August Second.

Aurora borealis, northern lights, arctic fox's tail, Nordlicht

..... Australian Seasons, Australian Saijiki

Autumn (aki) Japan, worldwide
Autumn begins .. Japan. Many related kigo
Autumn comes to an end .. Japan. Many related kigo
. Autum Cherry Shikizakura (Japan)
Autumn deepens (aki fukashi) Japan. Basho's famous haiku translations
. Autumn dusk, autumn twilight (aki no kure) Japan
Autumn flowers . . . KIGO list
Autumn Food ... ... KIGO list
Autumn in your home ... ... KIGO list
Autumn and farmers work ... ... KIGO list
. Autumn Equinox (aki higan) Japan
. Autumn Festival (aki matsuri) Japan
. Autumn Leaves (momiji, Japan) yellow leaves, colored leaves
Autumn entertainment, games, school Japan. feeling lonely in autumn (aki sabishi)
. Autumn Melancholy Europe

Avocado pear (Kikuyu : Mûkorobîa) Kenya

Ayurveda and Herbal Massage India

Azalea (Japan) Tsutsuji, Satsuki, Oomurasaki


........................................................... BBB

Backup ... of Data and Haiku

Badger, racoon dog, palm civet (tanuki, mujina, anaguma ... ) Japan
Bagworm (minomushi - "straw raincoat bug") Japan. Case moth, basketworm

..... Bahati Haiku Poetry Club, Kenya

Balcony, veranda, terrace (rodai) Japan
Bali IslandIndonesia. Nyepi
Ball, Balls, decorative hand balls (temari) Japan. Ball catching song, ball bouncing song (temari uta)
Ballet (baree) Japan
 Balloon, toy balloon, baloon, Luftballon (fuusen, kamifuusen) Japan
baloon flower, balloon flower, Chinese bellflower (kikyoo) Japan. Platycodon grandiflorus

BAMBOO .. An Asian Plant
..... "Bamboo Wife" (chiku fujin) Asia. Bamboo sleeping companion.

Bagavad, Bhagavad Gita (India)
Banana tree (bashoo) Japan. Musa paradisiaca
..... Banana fruit (banana) Japan. Kenya.

..... Bangladesh Haiku from Bangladesh

Banyan Tree (India)
Banzai ... ten thousand years ! Japan

Baobab tree, Adansonia digitata India
Barbeque Europe
Barefoot (hadashi, suashi) Japan
Bargain Sales, sales (uridashi) Japan, Worldwide
Barley (mugi) and related kigo Japan
Barrel organ Romania

Baseball Playoff USA, also:
Opening Day, Jackie Robinson Day, Baseball Winter Meetings, USA

Basil, sweet basil, holy basil, tulsi Serbia, India. (Ocimum spp.)  

- Basho Memorial Day (Bashoo-Ki) Japan. - Matsuo Basho 松尾芭蕉 -

Bat (koomori, kawahori) Japan
Bath (furo, sentoo) Japan. Taking a bath in various seasons. Hamam, Turkish Bath
Battledore (hagoita) Japan

BeachWorldwide. Surfing.
Beach Pea (hama-endoo, Japan)
Beans and Peas (mame) Soybeans, Adzuki beans, broad beans (daizu, azuki, edamame, soramame). Many human activities involved in growing the beans.
Beans in autumn kigo ... the plants

Bear (kuma)Japan. Bear hunters (matagi), Iomante Festival and many more
Beard (hige) Japan

Beaver (Castor canadensis) Canada
Bee (mitsubachi)
Beech tree / Fagus sylvatica Ireland, Europe
Beer (biiru) Japan. Bier
Beetle, beetles in all seasons (xyz-mushi) Japan. Käfer
Beggar, begging (kojiki), homeless, poor people (binboonin) Japan. Kanya
Begonia (shuukaidoo, shukaido) Japan

Belgian National Day (Fête nationale de la Belgique)
..... Ghent Festivities, Ghent Festival, Gentse Feesten

Bell, Temple Bell (kane, tsurigane, waniguchi, dootaku) Japan
..... Bell, Temple Bell in India

Bellows Festival (fuigo matsuri) Japan
Belt, sash (obi) Japan
Benten, Benzaiten and the lottery at Minoo Japan. Deity of Fine Arts, Music and Water

Beriberi disease (kakke) Japan
Berlin Wall (Berliner Mauer) Cold War (Kalter Krieg), Iron Curtain (eiserner Vorhang). Germany
Berry, berries (berii, kajitsu) and related KIGO. Beeren. Brambles
Between the Years (zwischen den Jahren, Germany)
Bhagavad Gita (India)

........ BHUTAN SAIJIKI .. Haiku in Bhutan

Bible (baiburu)
Bilberries, cowberries (kokemomo), Preiselbeere Japan
Bindweed (Convolvus arvensis) Chesapeake Region, USA
Binzuru, Ceremony for the Arhat Binzuru (Binzuru mawashi) Japan
Birch tree (shirakaba) Japan. Birke

BIRD SAIJIKI ..... Birds of all seasons
Look here for a Bird Name not listed in this ABC index.

Bird Haze in Spring (torigumori), "birds and wind", torikaze Japan.
..... Including "tori ni kumo" birds and clouds. flower haze, hanagumori. herring haze, nishingumori.
..... Small birds (kotori)
Bird droppings Worldwide
Birthday (tanjoobi, tanjitsu) Japan
Bishamonten, Tamonten (Vaishravana) Japan. Bishamonten Festival, Messenger of Bishamonten
Bison, American Bison

Black (kuro, koku) the color Japan

Blackthorn (Europa)
Blanket (moofu) Japan. Quilt and other warm things.
Blazing sky (enten), scorching heat Japan.

Blind Woman from Echigo (Echigo goze) Japan
Blinds, summer curtains (sudare)Japan. Inclucing bamboo blinds, seating mats (goza), rattan chairs (too isu) and a few more summer items for the home.

Blind People and Haiku
Blizzard (fubuki, fuusetsu) snowstorm Japan

Blood, Bloodtype, blood-type, blood type, blood group (ketsuekigata) Japan. Blutgruppe.
Blowfish (fugu) Japan. .. Puffer fish, Globefish, Swellfish
Blue, the color of sky and water

Bobolink (Dolichonyx oryzivorus) bird North America
Bodhidarma, Daruma san in Japan
Body Parts - ears, eyes, nose, spine . . .
Bog grasses Ireland
Boma Homesteads Kenya
Bombax (Chorisia Tree) Kenya

Bon Festival (o-bon, obon) Japan. Obon
..... Awaodori Dance Japan, Bon-Odori, Bon-Dance. Yosakoi Dance of Kochi.
..... Bon Boats for Souls (shooryoobune) Japan
..... Bon Flowers (bonbana) Japan
..... Jizobon, Jizoo Bon 地蔵盆
..... Bon Stove (bongama) Japan
..... Bon of Wind (kaze no bon) Japan

Boneset (fujibakama) Japan. Eupatorium fortunei

Bonifacio Day Philippines
Bonito (katsuo) skipjack tuna Japan.
Boomerang,bomerang, bommerang, bomring, boomereng, boomering, bumerang .. Australia
Boredom, to be bored (taikutsu) Japan. Langeweile

Botamochi Rice Cakes (Botamochi) Japan
Botamochi Ceremony (Botamochi Eshiki) and Nichiren
Bottle gourd (yuugao) Lagenaria siceraria Japan

Bow and Arrow (yumi to ya) Japan. Archery
Bowing, bow (o-jigi, ojigi) Japanese greeting etiquette
Bowls, begging bowls, singing bowls
Box, stationary box (bunko, tebunko) Japan
Boxing Day Australia, New Zealand, UK. Christmas Box.
Boxwood (tsuge) Japan
Boy's Festival (tango no sekku, kodomo no hi) Japan

Bramblilng bird (atori) Japan
Branches cut off (eda-uchi) Japan

Brazier and handwarmer (hibachi) Japan
Brazier (jiko) Kenya. makaa (charcoal)

Bread (pan) Worldwide
Breakfast (asagohan, asameshi) Japan
Breeding animals, mating animals Japan
Breast, breasts (oppai, chibusa) Japan. Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Briar Berry Briar Berries
Bride (hanayome) and wedding Japan
Bridge (hashi) Japan Worldwide
. . . Nihonbashi, Kasaibashi, Setabashi and more

Bright spring weather (uraraka) Japan. "wind shines" (kaze hikaru)

Brigid's Day (Ireland) St. Brigid

Broom tree, summer cypress (hahakigi) Japan. Kochia scoparia
Brush, pen (fude) Japan

Buckwheat (soba), Buckwheat flowers Japan

Bud of trees, treebuds (ko no me, konome) Japan

Buddha Statues and Haiku ... Daibutsu and Hotoke
Buddha, Shakyamuni, Shaka India, Japan
Buddhabird (buppoosoo) (05) Dollarbird and Eurasian Scops-Owl; Japan
Buddha's Birthday, Flower Festival, Flower Hall (kanbutsu-e, kambutsu-e, shuuni-e, hanamatsuri, hana midoo   Japan. sweet tea (amacha) and more
Buddha's Seat (hotoke no za)(Japan)

.. .. .. .. Buddhist Ceremonies and Events, a topical Saijiki Festivals of Japan
Buddhist deities and their kigo

Buildings tall and famous, skyscrapers
Bulbul (hiyodori) Japan
Bullfinch (uso) Japan.
Bukusu Culture, Babukusu People Kenya

..... Bulgaria Collection of the Europa Saijiki

Bull Fighting (toogyuu), bull festival (ushi matsuri) Japan. Jallikattu, India

Bunting bird (kashiradaka) Japan
Bunraku and Joruri / Japanese Puppet Theater
Burdock root (gobo, goboo) Japan. Arctium lappa
Burma, Union of Myanmar

Bush clover (hagi) Japan
Bushfire, wildfire Australia
Business and work in all seasons
Buson Memorial Day (Buson Ki) Japan

Butterbur sprouts (fuki no too) and butterbur (fuki) Japan

Butterfly (choo)Japan. Worldwide
..... Butterfly in Winter(fuyu no choo) Japan including frozen/freezing butterfly (itechoo)

"Buy Nothing Day" Worldwide


........................................................... CCC

Cabbage (hakusai) , broccoli, brussle sprouts, carrots and more winter vegetables
..... Wild cabbage (habotan) Brassica oleracea. Japan

Cactus (saboten) Dry areas

Calabash (hyootan) Kalabasse Japan, Kenya. Lagenaria siceraria
Caladium (Elephant Ears) Tropics
Calendar and its related KIGO (koyomi, ...goyomi) Japan. Calendar used in daily life.

..... Calendar Systems, Asian Lunar Calendar, 12 Zodiac Animals, 24 Seasons
Helpful reference to understand Japanese Haiku Seasons.

Calla lily (karaa) Japan. Zantedeschia family
Calligraphy (shodoo)

Camel, Dromedary (Camelus dromedarius) Yemen
Camellia (tsubaki) Sasanka, Sazanka, yabutsubaki, ochitsubaki
Camp, camping (kyanpu), tent (tento) Japan, North America

..... ..... Canada Saijiki
Canada Day, July 1
Canadian Thanksgiving

Candle (roosoku) Japan, worldwide
..... Candle Night Japan

Canna Lily Yemen
Card Games (karuta) Japan. hanafuda, uta karuta.

Carnation, Nelke Japan. Wild Carnation (nadeshiko)
Carneval (Carnival) see also Shrovetide
Carp (higoi, koi) family Cyprinidae fish Japan
Carp Streamers (koinobori, Japan)
Carpet, rug (juutan, dantsuu) Japan
Carrot (ninjin) Karotte Japan
Cassia Blossoms (Cassia afrofistula) Kenya. (Cassia fistula) India . Golden Shower Tree
Castle (shiro) Mountain Castle (yamashiro)Japan
Cat (neko, Japan)

Caterpillars worldwide
..... Including : hairy caterpillar, woolybear, kemushi 
..... looper, inchworm, shakutori
..... ..... Caterpillar, Hairy Caterpillar of Kenya

Catfish (namazu) Japan. Wels
Cauliflower, broccoli, komatsuna, naganegi leek, and more winter vegetables

Cause and Effect ... C&E ... some theory

Cease Fire Day (shuusen kinenbi) Japan. End of WW II
Cedar (sugi) cryptomeria Japan. Cryptomeria japonica
Cemetery Sunday Ireland (Roman Catholic parishes)

Centipede, Millipede (mukade) Japan

Chair (isu) Japan
Chameleon, Veiled chameleon (Chamaeleo calyptratus) Yemen
Chapati bread, papaad bread India
Cheese Europe, worldwide

Cherry Blossoms (sakura) hanami ... and many related kigo
Cherry Blossom Time ... Food Kigo

..... ..... Chesapeake Bay Saijiki (USA)

Chestnut, sweet chestnut (kuri) Japan. Castanea sativa
..... Horse Chestnut (tochi) Aesculus hippocastanum

Chicken and cock (niwatori) Japan
Chidambaram Dance Festival India, Tamil Nadu

Children, teaching Haiku to children ... many tips on HOW TO
Child, Children (kodomo) of all kinds. abandoned child (sutego). orphan (minashigo, koji)
..... Chigo (temple acolytes) Japan. Temple Children.

Chill, chill wind worldwide
Chimney Sweeping, chimney sweep, Schornsteinfeger England, Germany
- - - China, haiku in Chinese - - -
Chinese Food, Chuka Ryori Japan
Chinz, calico (sarasa) Japan
Chirping, twittering, warbling of spring birds (saezuri) Japan

Chittorgarh Fort (Rajasthan) India

Chocolate (chokoreeto) with many tasts Japan. Schokolade
Cholera (korera) Japan

Chopping board, cutting board, chopping block (manaita, mana-ita) Japan
Chopsticks (hashi) Japan

Christian Celebrations in Japanese Kigo

Christmas (Japan, Guyana, Europa). Jesus Christ イエス,イエズス,イエス‐キリスト
... Christmas Cactus (Schlumbergera bridgesii) Weihnachtskaktus
...Christmas Moon
...Christmas Tree

Christian Celebrations as KIGO

Chrysanthemum kiku, chiyomigusa (Japan)
..... Wild Chrysantheumu (nogiku) Japan
Chrysanthemum Festival (chooyoo, kiku matsuri) Japan

Church, Cathedral, Chapel (Dom) worldwide

Cicada (semi) Japan, other areas
Cider, apple cider (saidaa) Japan, Europe, Australia
Citrus fruit (kankitsurui) in all seasons. Japan

Clam shell, hamaguri, venus clams Japan. Venusmuscheln
Cleaning the home, broom and more Japan
Cleaning in spring, spring cleaning, Osterputz Europa, America

Clear Autumn Sky (ten takashi, Japan) ... high autumn sky, spacious sky
Clear and cold winter season (sayuru) Japan. a KIGO list

Cleavers, cleaver weeds (mugura) Galium aparine and others. Japan

Clock (tokei) and Time (jikan) Japan. Uhr und Zeit
Cloud, clouds(kumo) Japan, worldwide. Various Kigo.
Clover, Alfalfa, Milk VetchJapan. genge, Astragalus etc.

Coal (sumi), charcoal (mokutan, binchotan) kigo around the charcoal fire.
. . . Cock fighting ritual (tori awase) Japan. also ritual bull fighting (toogyuu), ritual nightingale singing competition (uguisu awase)
Cock and chicken (niwatori) Japan
Cockatoo Australia. Kakadu, Parrot. Lorikeet
Cockroach (gokiburi, aburamushi) Japan
..... and more summer insects and little animals ... gnat, slug, leech ...
Cockscomb (keitoo) Japan
Coconut, Coconut palms Philippines, India
Cod fish (tara) Japan

Coin, coins, money (zeni) Japan Worldwide. Cent, dollar, dime . . .

Cold (samusa, samui), cold wave, cold spell (kanpa, kanpa) Japan, worldwide
..... Cold in Spring, Cold in Autumn and other COLD kigo combinations
..... Cold Dew (kanro) Japan
..... "Cold Mountain", Han Shan, Kanzan and Jittoku Zen Hermits

..... Colors in Haiku Traditional Japanese Colors

Coltsfoot (Tussilago farfara), Europa Butterbur Dandelion, fuki tanpopo (Japan)
Columbus Day America

Comets (suisei) Comet McNaught ...
Common cold and flu (kaze) influenza, swine flu, coughing, sneezing, God of the Cold. Japan, worldwide
Computers and Haiku , online as a topic

Conch trumpet plant (horagai soo) Japan. Impatiens textorii. Jewelweed
Confucius, Sekiten, Sekisai, Kooshi, Kung Fu ... Japan
Conger eel (anago) Congriscus megastomus. Japan. Meeraal.

. . . Cool, cold, chilly ... a feeling and related kigo during all seasons.
Coolness (in summer)(suzushi)   Japan. Feeling cool (in summer). Cool breeze (ryoofuu) and many more.
..... including: Coolness in Autumn (aki suzushi) 
Cool dry season Kenya

Cooking rice (kashigi) Japan. using the hearth fire
Cookie, bisquit and more cakes and sweets Japan
Coral berries (manryoo :Ardisia crenata, senryoo : Sarcandra glabra,) Japan. kind of Japanese laurel (aoki no mi) and more red berries
Coral Tree Blossoms (Erythrina indica) Tiger's claw, Sunshine Tree. India
Corbicula clams in miso soup (shijimijiru, shijimi jiru) Japan. (Corbicula japonica)
Cormorant Ireland
.... Cormorant fishing (ukai) Japan
Corn shucking, corn husking USA. maize, tomorokoshi, Mais
Cornflower Ireland, Europe

Corpus Christi Procession Trinidad & Tobago, Germany (Fronleichnam)

Cosmos Flowers (Japan)
Cotoneaster Ireland

Cotton (wata, momen) Japan. Georgia. many related kigo about the plant and cotton cloths.
Cotton fly (watamushi) Japan. Snow fly (yukimushi), snow firefly (yuki hotaru, yukibotaru)
Cottonwood Populus deltoides (Midwestern US)
Cotton rose, Rose-Mallow (fuyoo, fuyo, fuyoh) Hibiscus mutabilis. Japan

Couple’s Day (fuufu no hi, Japan) February 2. wagimoko, my beloved wife

Cow, Oxen (ushi) Japan
..... Cow (Pashu, Gai) The Holy Cow of India
..... Cowbells (Kuhglocken, Germany)

Crab (kani) Japan. Chesapeake Bay, USA King Crab (tarabagani), Queen Crab (zuwaigani), swamp crab (zawagani)
Crabapple, Sibold crabapple, "mountain pear" (yamanashi, yama-nashi) Japan
Crane, Grus japonensis (tsuru) Japan
Crape myrtle (sarusuberi) Japan, North America
Crappie (Pomoxis), North America
Cricket (koorogi)Japan   and other autumn insects   
Crisp, cool autumn weather .. sawayaka, Japan

Crocodile (wani) and shark (same) Japan
Crocodile mating season Australia

Crocus (Europe, worldwide)
Crow, Raven karasu (Japan)
Crucian carp (buna) Japan. Fish fam. Carassius

Cuckoo (kankodori), little cuckoo (hototogisu) Japan

Cucumber (kyuuri) Japan
..... also: see cucumber (namako)
Culture day (bunka no hi), art festival Japan. Culture events in autumn

Curry (karee), Indian curry dishes

. . . CUT and Cut marker (cutting words), kire and kireji ... juxtaposition (toriawase)

Cut glass (kattogurasu, kiriko, biidoro, gyaman) Japan

Cyclamen (shikuramen) Japan. Alpenveilchen

Cypress, Japanese cypress (hinoki) Chamaecyparis obtusa. Japan

Index from D to J

........................................................... DDD

Dace, fish of the Gobiidae) family (haze) Japan.
Daffodil, Narcissus and Jonquils Europa
Dalia, Dahlia (daria) Japan, India
Daigo Cherry Tree Daigo-zakura, Western Japan
Daikoku, Daikoku Ten, God of Good Luck Japan. and Ebisu, Seven Gods of Good Luck
Dainichi Nyorai, a Buddha ... Ceremonies and kigo

Dance (odori, buyoo, mai) a haiku topic
..... Dance in India
Dandelion (tanpopo) Japan
Daphne (Jinchooge, Japan) Trident Daphne (Mitsumata) Plant
Darkness (yami) dark evening Japan

Daruma Flower (Darumasoo, Zazen Flower: Zazensoo) Japan
Daruma market (Daruma ichi) Japan. and more DARUMA KIGO
Daruma Memorial Day .. Daruma-ki, Japan
Daruma Mikan (Citrus sulcata) Japan

Dates, ripe dates from the Date Palm (Phoenix dactylifera) Yemen
Dates (Months and Days) used in Haiku
Dawn in spring, Spring morning light (shungyoo, haru no akebono)
Spring morning (haru no asa) . DAWN in all seasons
Dawn moon in autumn (ariakezuki)Japan. mist in the morning, ariake gasumi.

. . . Daytime, noon (hiru) Japan. a KIGO list

Day of Desolation .. Yom haShoah (Israel)
Day of the African Child  Kenya, Africa, worldwide

Daylight Savings Time (DST) worldwide
Daylily, daylilies (kanzoo)

Dead body, deceased person, corpse (hotoke) Japan
... Death poem (jisei), farewell poem Japan

Deafness-curing sake (jirooshu)

..... December Singers, Twelfth Month Singers (sekizoro) Japan

Decorations for the New Year (o-kazari) Japan

Deer (shika)  Japan, other areas

Definitions ... ... What is HAIKU ?

Demon's gate (kimon) ... Japan. The NORTH in mythology.
Dentist haiku and toothache teeth, tooth ... and the god of toothache
Derby (daabii), Japan Derby Japan. Horse race
Desert, sand desert Yemen
..... Steppe Mongolia
Desert rose (Adenium obesum). Yemen
Desires, Worldly desires, illusions, delusions (bonno) Japan
Deutzia blossoms (u no hana, unohana) Japan
Devil's Claw (Southern USA) Teufelskralle
Devil's tongue (konnyaku) Konjak plant and food. Japan
Dew, dewdrops (tsuyu) Japan heavy with dew, tsuyukeshi, tsuyukesa.beads of dew, tsuyu no tama.white dew, shiratsuyu, hakuro .. and many more

Diarrhoea (mizuatari), dysenterie and more summer diseases
Diary (nikki) Japan. Tosa Nikki
Dice (saikoro) and gambling (bakuchi) Japan
Digitalis, foxglove (jigitarisu, kitsune no tebukuro) Japan. Digitalis purpurea
Dinner, dining, eating ... and more worldwide
Diorama toys (tatebanko) Japan

Disaster, tsunami, earthquake, radiation, meltdown march 11, 2011 Japan

Divali (Diwali, India) Devali, Divalli ...
Diver, divers, ama woman divers (ama) Japan
diving as a hobby (daibingu)

Dog (inu) Japan, worldwide
Dog Days (doyoo, Japan) Hundstage
Dog Winterberry (inu umemodoki)Japan. Ilex serrata.
Dogwood (Cornus family) .. (USA) yamabooshi (yamaboshi) Japan

Dollarbird (buppoosoo) Dollarbird and Eurasian Scops-Owl
Doll Festival (hina matsuri) Hina dolls - Japan. Peach Festival, Girl's Festival
Doll Memorial Service (ningyoo kuyoo) Japan
Dolphin (iruka) Japan. Delphin
Donkey (roba). Mule  Japan, other regions  
Door curtain (noren) Japan. Ladenvorhang

Dragon in Eastern Art and Haiku
Dragon Boat Race (peeron) Peron boat race. Japan
"Dragon Jewel", dragon berry (ryuu no tama, Ophiopogon japonicus) Japan. Snakebeard, Mondo grass

Dragonfly (tombo, tonbo) Japan

Dream (yume), First Dream (hatsuyume) Japan

Drifting ice (ryuuhyoo) .. melting ice (koori toku) . . . . . Kigo about ice in spring


Dropwort (seri) Oenanthe javanica Japanese parsely. Japan
Drought (hideri, Japan)
Drum (taiko, daiko) Japan. Musical instruments.
Drying up of rivers, wells and other water (karu) Japan

Duck (kamo) Japan
Dugong (Dugong dugon) Tropical seas. Manatee
Dumplings of all kinds and all seasons (dango) Japan. Mitarashi dango
Dussera, Dasara, Dassera, Dussehra: Day Of Victory India
..... Navarati : Nine Nights Of Festivities

Dust (Swahili : tifutifu) Kenya. hokori, Japan. Sandstorm

Dysentery (sekiri) Japan

........................................................... EEE

Eagle (washi) Adler ..... including other birds of winter, fuyu no tori
Ear, ears (mimi) Ohren Japan

. . . EARTH SAIJIKI ... all kigo of this category Japan

Earth Day Worldwide
Earth Hour Worldwide
Earthquake (jishin) Japan, India, worldwide
Earthware pan (hooroku) Japan
Earthworms's song (mimizu naku)   Japan. Earthworm and mole cricket
Earwig (hasamimushi) Ohrwurm Japan

Easter .. Easter Bunny, Easter Eggs, Easter Egg Hunt, Easter Basket, Easter Day and more
..... Easter Bonnet Trinidad and Tobago

Ebisu, one of the Gods of Good Luck Japan
Eboshi, formal headwear and seafood kigo Japan

Echigo Province Japan
Eclipse (gesshoku) Japan. Worldwide.

Edelweiss Mongolia, Japan : Leontopodium japonicum
Edible blossoms, edible flowers (shokuyoo no hana) Japan

Edo, The City That Became TokyoJapan
..... Edo and Kyoto, Capitals of Japan
Blossom capital (hana no miyako)

Eel (unagi) Japan.

Egg, eggs (tamago) Japan
Eggplant, aubergine (nasu) (Japan. Eggplant Horse decorations (nasu uma) for o-Bon.
Egg Nog
Egret (shirasagi) Japan
EgyptNorth Africa

Eid Al-Kabir/ Aid Al Kabir Yemen
Eid-ul-Adha / Eid al-Adha / Festival of Sacrifice Guyana

Ekiben, station lunch box day, April 10

Election Day, Polling Day Trinidad and Tobago, worldwide
Elephant (zoo) (India, Africa)
Elevator, escalator Japan
Elm tree (Ulmus) Europa, North America

Emancipation Day Trinidad and Tobago, Guyana

Embankment, dike, levee (dote, teiboo) Japan

Emma, Enma, the King of HellJapan. Various kigo. Ten Kings of Hell (juu oo)

Emotions and feelings expressed in haiku

Emperor’s Birthday, Japan (tennoo tanjoobi, tenno tanjobi)
Empty Mind

End of Year Activities ... ... a KIGO LIST

Enlightenment, Zen and Haiku
Enviroku : Haiku and Senryu about the environment
Epiphany, Three Kings DayEurope, Christian communities

........ ......................................... Erika Schwalm, - In Memoriam

Eros Day Cupid, Aphrodite, Amor, Sex

Eta and Burakumin the "Untouchables" of Japan

Eucalyptus tree Fam. Myrtaceae. Kenya, Australia. Gum tree, blue gum tree.
Europe Day

..... EUROPA Saijiki Europe Saijiki

. . . Evening (yuube, yoi) Japan. a KIGO list
Evening at home, nightwork (yonabe) Japan, worldwide
Evening rain shower (yuudachi) Japan
Evening Snow - Linanthus dichotomus North America
Examination for school or university (nyuugaku shiken) Japan
Exams, school exams Kenya
Excursion (ensoku) Japan

Exchanging auspicious things . . Festivals

........................................................... FFF

... Faith and prayer, expressed in haiku .. Join the Discussion !

Falcon (hayabusa)Japan. Buzzard (nosuri), marsh harrier (chuuhi), kestrel (choohooboo), sparrow hawk (tsumi) and more
Fallen leaves (ochiba) Japan
Family altar, Buddhist family altar (butsudan) Japan
Family Day Canada, worldwide
Famine in spring (shunkyuu) Famine in Japanese History
Fan (oogi, uchiwa, Japan)

Farmers work in all seasons Japan

Fart, farting (he) Furz Japan, worldwide
..... fart-bug, stinkbug (he-kiri mushi)
Fate, my life circumstances, my life (mi no ue) Japan
Father and Father's Day (chichi no hi)Japan, worldwide
Fatsia japonica blossoms (yatsude no hana) Japan, Japanese Aralia

Feather, feathers Japan. Mongolia
Fences and hedges (kaki, hei, kakoi, saku) Japan. Kenya.
Feng Shui and the four directions Chinese Geomancy
Fennel (uikyoo) Japan. Foeniculum vulgare. Fenchel
Fern (shida) Japan Farnkraut

Festival (matsuri) Japan.Introduction
..... Festivals and Ceremonies of Japan Topical Saijiki
..... Festivals of India They are all kigo.

Fields, rice paddies (ta, hatake) Japan. fields tended by the farmers
Field, wild fields, plains, moor (nohara, no) Japan. withered fields
Field cricket, Gryllus campestris Europe. Feldgrille

Fig, Figs, Ficus carica (ichijiku) Japan, Turkey
Finch, finches in all seasons

Fine weather, fine day (hare, -biyori) in all seasons Japan
Finnish sauna Finnland

Fire (kaji)Worldwide. Bushfire, wildfire, lookout for fire (hi no ban) and many other related kigo
..... Fire Festivals, Rituals and Ceremonies (hi matsuri)Japan, worldwide
Fireflies (hotaru) (Japan)
Firefly squid (hotaruika, hotaru) Japan, with delicious dishes
Firework Display (hanabi, Japan)

..... First Ceremonies of the New Year (Japan)
... More Details about First Ceremonies in Japan
First Dream (hatsu yume, Japan)
... First Fire Brigade Parade (dezome shiki) Japan
... First Haiku 2007
First Kick-Ball Game (kemari hajime) Japan
First Spring (hatsu haru) and more kigo of the New Year season
First Water, "young water" (wakamizu) Japan. Including more kigo of this ceremony.
First Sun, First Sunrise (hatsuhi, hatsuhi no de) Japan

First Things (hatsumono) in Japan

First rainfall, imminent rain Kenya, tropical areas
First Snow (hatsuyuki) Japan

.. .. .. .. .. Fishing during all seasons (ryoo) KIGO list
.. .. .. .. .. ..... FISH and SEAFOOD SAIJIKI
..... Fish from Russia
..... Fish Market Philippines. Also FISH from the Philippines.

Flag (hata), prayer flag Japan
Flamboyant Tree (Delonix regia) Kenya
Flamingo Yemen
Fleas and lice (nomi, shirami)Flea market (boroichi, boro ichi) Japan
Flood (koozui, aki demizu) .. Japan. Floods, flooding.
Flounder, sole (karei) as food. Japan

. . . . . Flower, blossom, bloom - translating "hana" ... Blume, Blüte.
. . . and hana, the cherry blossoms.
Flowers of AUTUMN

Flowering and blossoming ... use of verbs in SPRING KIGO

"Flower Heart" (hana gokoro, kokoro no hana) Japan

Flower Trump (hanafuda) Japan

Flute (fue, yokobue)  Japan. Bamboo flute (shakuhachi)

Fly, Flies (hae)  Japan, worldwide  
Fly-swatter (haetataki) Japan ... fly catcher, haetori-ki.fly-catching paper, haetorigami.

Flycatcher, many birds in all seasons (bitaki family) Japan

Foehn wind (feen) Japan. Föhn; Föhnwind

.. .. .. .. .. Fog, Mist, Haze and more

Folding screen, first use (hatsubyoobu) Japan

Food from India
Food from Japan - WASHOKU SAIJIKI ... also : Sweets from Japan (wagashi)

Forest (mori, hayashi) Japan. Wald.
Forest work in all seasons ... planting, woodcutting, charcoal making ... Japan. KIGO list
Forget-me-nots (wasurenagusa)Japan, Europa, Alaska
Forsythia (Forsythia suspensa)rengyoo Also : wax forsythia
Fortune cookies; "Haikookies", O-Mikuji worldwide
Fountain (funsui) Springbrunnen Japan
Four Directions (toozai nanboku)East, West, North, South
Four Elements and The Gods of the four elements : water, fire, wind, earth
Fourth of July USA

Fox (kitsune) Japan
... including Fox God Shrine Festival (Inari Matsuri)

Fragrance bag, sache (nioibukuro) Japan. Duftbeutel

FRANCE , French Haiku

Frangipani, PlumeriaKenya, Australia, India

Freedom ... ... and the English haiku "rules"

Freesia (fureejia) Freesien Japan, Europe
Freezing, frozen (itsuru, kooru) Japan. Iced, under ice and more

Friday the 13th
Fringed orchid, "Egret plant, Heron plant" (sagisoo) Japan

Frog (kawazu, kaeru) (Japan) toad, green frog, tree frog, kajika and more

Frost (shimo, Japan) , Late Frost
..... Frost descends (sookoo)Japan.
..... Frost in India, a season of its own

Fruit (kudamono) in all seasons Apple, nashi, pear, loquat, cherries, plum, persimmon, pomegranete and many more
Fruit Cricket. Prayer Gong Cricket (kanetataki) Japan
Fruit Harvest (Romania)

Fuchsia and tyrolean lamp Japan. フクシア, チロリアンランプ ‘Swing Bell’

Fuji, Mt. Fuji, Fujiyama, Fujisan Mount Fuji, Japan

Fulling block (kinuta) Japan.Pounding cloth. Mallet for beating straw (wara kinuta) and more
Funeral (sooshiki, soogi) Japan

Furoshiki, cotton wrapper cloth
Futon bedding in all seasonsJapan

........................................................... GGG

Gadfly .(abu, Japan)
Galley worm, house centipede (gejigeji) Japan
Gambling (bakuchi) Japan
Games and Toys for all seasons Japan
Ganesh The Elephant-headed God, (India)
..... Ganesh Chaturthi Festival India
Ganges, the Holy River Ganga (India)
Garden (niwa), Park (teien, tei-en) Japanese Garden, Zen Garden ...
Gardenia (kuchinashi) Japan. Gardenia jasminoides
Garlic chives (nira) and its blossoms (nira no hana) Japan
Gate (mon, kado) Japan. Temple gate (sanmon)

Geminid Meteor Shower

GENDAI ... Modern Haiku an introduction

Genji Monogatari, The Tale of Genji 源氏物語 Japan

Genroku Period Haikai Poets ... Introduction

Gentle breeze, soft breeze (Linde Lüfte) Germany
Gentian (rindoo, sasarindoo) Gentiana scabra Japan. Yemen
..... Gentian, Japanese green gentian (senburi, tooyaku) Japan. Swertia japonica
Gerbera (gaabera) Japan, UK

.. .. .. .. .. German Saijiki and Kiyose

Geta, wooden Japanses sandals Japan. Straw sandals (zoori)
Geta for rice planting (ta-geta)


Ghosts, monsters, demons (yookai, bakemono) Japan

Gioo, Memorial Day for Gio the Dancer Japan
Ginger (shooga) Hawaii, India, Japan. Hajikami pickles.

Gingko biloba tree Japan (gingko nut, ginnan)
. . Ginko, tips for a Haiku Walk 吟行 (ginkoo)

Gion Festival (Gion matsuri) Kyoto, Japan

Girl Scout Cookies USA

Global warming, climate changes and related topics. Enviroku : environmental haiku
Glove, gloves (tebukuro) Handschuh Japan

Go, a board game, igo 囲碁 (Japan)
Goa Carnival India
Goats and Goat Meat Kenya

Gods of Japan (kami to hotoke)General introduction
God of the Rice Paddies (ta no kami) Japan
God of One Word (Hitokotonushi) Japan, Mt. Katsuragi (Kazuragi)
Gods are absent (kami no rusu)Japan. Old lunar 10. month (now November)
Golden Week (oogon shuukan, gorudien uiiku )Japan
Goldfish (kingyo) Japan

Google, googling, googeling ... worldwide
Goose, geese (kari, gan) . Japan, other areas
Gooseberry, Gooseberries Ireland

Goldenrod (seitaka awadachisoo) Japan
Gorse, Ginster enishida (Japan)
Gourd and gourd pickles (uri) Japan

Grackle Bird (Quiscalus mexicanus) Oklahoma, USA Great-tailed grackle, boat-tail grackle

Graduation (sotsugyoo, Japan) Abitur, Schulabschluss
..... Graduation Ceremony, Kenya

Graffitti, Graffiti, Grafitti Worldwide
Grains, the five grains (gokoku) Japan
Grapefruit League , Cactus League, USA
Grapes and Grape Harvest, Vendanges budoo (Japan)
Grape Festival (Winzerfest, Wine Festival) (Europe)
Grape Hyacinth, Europa muscari, Lampenputzer
Grass, grasses Kenya. Papyrus, Napier grass, African star grass, couch grass

Grave (haka) Japan, worldwide
Grave marker (sotoba) Japan

Great Cold (daikan, Japan)
Grebe Bird (Alaska) kaitsuburi, nio (Japan)

Green in Haiku Traditional Japanese Colors: midori, aoi
Green Week, Greenery Day (midori no shuukan, midori no hi Japan
Green Caterpillar "green insect" (aomushi, namushi) Japan Kenya
Greenhouse plants, hothouse plants Japan

Grey (gray) in Haiku Traditional Japanese Colors: nezumi iro, hai iro

Groundbreaking ceremony (jichinsai, jimatsuri) Japan
Groundhog Day North America, Europe
Grouse, snow grouse, "Thunderbird" (raichoo) Japan

Guitar (Gitarre, gitaa) Worldwide
Gull, gulls in all seasons
Gumboots, rubber boots, Wellington boots Kenya. all kinds of boot and boots
Guru (teacher) Sensei (Japan) . Master's Day. Caricom Day.
Gutsy Radish (dokonjoo daikon) Japan


........................................................... HHH

Haboob, sandstorm Arizona, USA
Hachiman Deity and Hachiman Shrine festivals Japan
Hail (hyoo) Japan , also arare, snow pellets . worldwide

. Haiga 俳画 shahai 写俳 . Haiku with drawing or photo

Haiku meeting (kukai) Japan. First haiku meeting, a New Year KIGO list
Haiku Day (haiku no hi) August 19 Japan.
including haiku about "haiku", "hokku" and "kigo"

Haiku Sweets (haika) Japan. Sweets and snacks named after famous haiku !

Hair (kami) Japan. combing the hair, washing the hair
Hairpin (kanzashi) Japan

Hakama, the formal trouser-skirtJapan
..... Wearing the hakama for the first time, hakamagi 
..... Noh-Performance in Hakama, hakama noo

Halloween, Hallowe’en North America
Hammock (worldwide)
Hangover (futsukayoi) Japan. Kater
Happiness, bliss (shiawase) Japan

..... Harvest and its various kigo  
Harvest Festival (niiname no matsuri)  Japan
Harvest Thanksgiving (Christian communities) Harvest Festival, Erntedankfest
Harvest Moon, North America

Hassaku Harvest Festival, Hassaku sai, Hassaku no Iwai Japan. August first. With many related kigo.
Hassaku orange (hassaku kan) Japan

Hat, Straw hat, hood (kasa, zukin, booshi) Japan Worldwide
..... Hawaii Saijiki
Hawaiian Spirit

Hawk (taka) Japan. with more related kigo
Hawthorn and Firethorn (sanzashi) Crataegus and Pyracanthus. Japan, Europe
Hay (hoshikusa), making hay Japan

Hazel, hazelnut (hashibami) Japan- Hazel catkins (Ireland

Hearth (kamado) in the kitchen (daidokoro) Japan
. . . irori 囲炉裏 open sunken hearth
Heat (atsusa), hot (atsushi) Hot summer, sweltering heat ...
Heat shimmers (kageroo) Japan. Mirage (shinkiroo) and more.
Heather, Erika Europa.

. . . HEAVEN - - - the Complete SAIJIKI Japan

Hedgehog (Igel) Germany, Europe
Helen Keller
Helipterum roseum (hanakanzashi) Japan. Pink and White Everlasting.
Hemp, flax (asa, ooasa, taima) Japan
Henna (mehandi) India. mehendi, (mehndi) Heena

Herbs, medical or culinary or otherwise
Hermit, Mountain hermits, sennin 仙人 Japan
Heron (aosagi) Japan
Herring (nishin) Japan. Koorai Iwashi
..... Herring roe praparations (kazu no ko tsukuru) Japan

Hibernating animals Japan
Hieizan, Mount Hiei, Kyoto Japan
Higashiyama Culture and Haiku Japan
Higgs boson or Higgs particle
Himalaya Mountains, India
Hinoki cypress and Asunaro Hinoki Japan
Hiroshima Day also: Nagasaki Day, Japan
Hickory Nuts (Carya Fruits) North America

- Hokku and Haikai - Theory
Hokusai, Katsushika Hokusai and Haiga Japan
Hole (ana) and hibernating animals Japan
Holi Festival.. Dol Yatra (the Swing Festival)India. Also introducing Chillum and Bhang.

Holland (Oranda) Netherlands the Dutch Delegation in Edo. Japan
Holly Tree
Hollyhock, mallow (aoi) Japan. Alcea rosea #hollycock
Holocaust Day .. .. Auschwitz Day, Dachau Day
Holy Innocents Celebration  Christian Catholic Communities

Home, house - during all seasons
Sliding doors, furniture, curtains, heating, lamp light ... Japan. KIGO LIST

Homeland, Hometown (furusato) Japan Heimat, Fatherland, Motherland

Honey (hachimitsu) worldwide. Honey wine, mead
Honey Spas   Russia. Also Apple Spas, Linen Spas. Honey Saviour.
Honeysuckle (nindoo, suikazura) Lonicera japonica

Hoopoe, Upupa epops, Wiedehopf India
Hop, hops, Hopfen (hoppu) Japan. and delicious beer

Horse (uma) Japan
..... Including various kigo such as plough horse, foal,cooling horses, fatten a horse, horse market, autumn colt, autumn pony, horses standing in the cold.
..... Horse race (kurabe uma) Japan. and Derby (daabii)

Horse Chestnut (tochi). Kastanie Japan. Aesculus hippocastanum
Horse mackerel (aji) Japan. Trachurus japonicus and more
Horsetail fern, scouring rush (tokusa) Japan. Equisetum hyemale

Hospital stay, hospital bed

.. .. .. Hot Drinks, SAIJIKI
Hot Whiskey (Toddy, Irish Coffee)

Hot Spring, Hot Springs (onsen) Japan. Bathhouse

Hula Dance and the Goddess Laka  Hawaii

Humanity and Observances, two important categories for HAIKU

Humidity, steaming hot, sultry (shikke, mushiatsushi) Japan
Humid Southern wind (shippuu) Japan

HummingbirdSonora North America

..... Hungary Collection of the Europa Saijiki

Hunger, famine Kenya, Japan, worldwide
Hunger Moon (North America)
Hungry Demons, Hungry Ghosts (gaki) Japan
Hunter's Moon England
Hunting (kari) and related kigo in many seasons. Japan

Hurricane, Typhoon, Cyclone Worldwide
Hurricane Warning Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean, other areas

Husky = chien de traîneau (ou « husky ») Canada
Hut,thatched hut, hermitage (iori, an) Japan

Hyacinth (Hyacinthus orientalis) Europe, Japan, other areas

Hyakunin isshu (百人一首) Ogura 100 poems, 100 poets

Hydrangea (ajisai) Japan. Hortensia.
..... - Hortensia Anderson (1969 - 22 May 2012) -

........................................................... III

I, the first person (ware, watakushi, ore) used in haiku Japan

Ibis (Hadada) Kenya .. (Toki, Japan)
Ice, Icicle (koori, tsurara) (Japan)
Ice cream (aisu) soft cream, ice candy ... shaved ice flakes with flavor
Ice cubes, iced drinks
Iced Coffee, aisu-koohii (Japan) Hot Coffee
Idd ul Fitr (Ramadan ends) Kenya. Eid Al-Fitr, Eid ul-Fitr
Ides of March Italy

Ikebana Flower Arrangement (Japan). Bonsai
Illness, disease common cold and more . Japan

..... Imagination in Haiku ... Theory

Important things (daiji) Japan

Incense (India) senkoo (Japan)

Independence Day worldwide
..... Independence Day (India)

..... ..... INDIA SAIJIKI
Indian Food (India)

Indian Summer koharubi Japan
Indian paintbrush (Castilleja) North America
Indigo (ai) Japan . Polygonum tinctorum. Indigofera


Inkstone (suzuri) and related KIGO Japan

Insects (mushi) Autumn insects, aki no mushi, Japan. Including grasshoppers, locusts, crickets, praying mantiss and many more.
..... Insects awaken, insects come out (keichitsu) Japan. bugs come out, bugs wake up, insects appear again, insects stir
..... Insects as food (konchu ryori, konchuu ryoori) Japan. Grasshoppers, wasp larvae, silkworms and more

Interesting, exciting, entertaining, amusing, funny, enjoyable ... (omoshiro ya) Japan
Ippen memorial day, saint Ippen Japan. the weeping willow tree


Iris (ayame, Japan) shoobu, hanashoobu, airisu, Kakitsubata
..... Iris, bearded Iris (Iris albicans) Yemen

Ise Shrine (Ise Jingu) and its KIGO Japan
Ishiyamadera, a temple and fireflies (ishiyamabotaru) Japan

Islamic Holidays, Muslim Holidays

.. .. .. ISSA and his Season Words

Ivy and vines (tsuta kazura) Japan. All kinds of creepers

........................................................... JJJ

Jacaranda (tropical tree) Kenya
Jamhuri Day Kenya
January Worldwide ... January in Japan (ichigatsu)
January Sale Ireland

.. .. .. .. .. JAPANESE Saijiki, Univ. of Virginia. Most extensive !
.. .. .. .. .. Japanese 500 Season Words

Jasmine (matsurika, jasumin) Japan
Jay bird (kashidori) Japan
Jazz Music North America

Jeepney Philippines
Jelly Bean Cake (mizu yookan) Japan, red bean cake (mizuyokan)
Jellyfish, medusa (kurage) Japan
Jelly strips (tokoroten) Japanese Food

Jizo Bosatsu (Kshitigarbha) Jizô bosatsu, Japan
Jizobon, Jizoo Bon 地蔵盆

John the apostle, Johannes Day (yohane no hi) Japan
Jouvert (Carneval) Trinidad and Tobago
Joy, pleasure (ureshisa, tanoshisa) Japan. kigo and topic
Juggernaut Festival (India)

July (shichigatsu)
June (rokugatsu, minazuki)
..... minazuki .. Kyoto sweets for June


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