Vog (Hawaii)


Vog (Volcanic Smog)

***** Location: Big Island, Hawaii
***** Season: Non-seasonal Topic
***** Category: Earth / Heaven


I live in Hawaii and we realy have no seasons; i cannot write about fog and have another kigo?????

but then again we have no fog, we have * vog * which is adding volcanoe emissions to it... now it has earth, fetch , from the oceanwind, and fire.

the only season we have here is coffee season.. coffee flower season is spring and coffee cherry season is winter... even school gets out early for coffee picking time... there are three rounds of coffee and then the first rain the coffee blooms..

could then first rain be a kigo.. and now with the vog the coffee pickingtime varies and gos on until school is out

Shanna Moore


Only in Hawaii can you experience vog. Vog is an atmospheric effect caused by emissions of the Kilauea volcano on the Big Island of Hawaii.

When sulfur dioxide gas is released, it reacts chemically with sunlight, oxygen, dust particles, and water in the air to form a mixture of sulfate aerosols, sulfuric acid and other oxidized sulfur species.

Together, this gas and aerosol mixture produces a hazy atmospheric condition known as volcanic smog or vog.

While for most residents, vog is merely an inconvenience, it can affect people with chronic diseases such as emphysema and asthma, although everyone reacts differently. Potential visitors to the Big Island who suffer from these problems should consult with their doctors before their visit.



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Madame Pele is the Hawaiian Volcano and Fire Goddess


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. smog, black smog - kaala dhua or dhua .

Things found on the way

Sakuo Nakamura answering to Shanna:

I suppose that Hawaii is nice place without snow, and a paradise, it is spring through all the year.
There is no change of season. Then there is no kigo.

What is a kigo? I think it is time passing by , from present to future. That means life is losing the balance, moving on toward death. So a kigo attracts people’s mind and the a poem will be born.

In Hawaii, there is no season, there is time changing, there is no kigo, there is no poem???

I don’t think so. In Hawaii, does time stop? Does the vog stay at the same place all day long ?
No, the vog always flows from place to place, from time to time.
Time is moving on in Hawaii the same as all over the world.
So people’s mind is moving always, creating poems.

vog from last night
can’t be found
only summer clouds

夜のガス 見えずに夏の 雲ばかり

yoru no gasu miezu ni natsu no kumo bakari


vog is like a haiku made up from air sunshine volcanoe and sea salt... it makes the coffee bloom longer and bigger it nourishes growing things like the volcanic soil ..

vog disapears
with the tradewinds
another shore

Shanna Moore


madam pele...
her second hand smoke
creates an atmoshere

Shanna Moore, April 2006

madam pele...
second hand smoke
creates vog

Shanna Moore

ペレ母さん 煙草の息が 煙害に
Pele kaasan tabako no iki ga engai ni

(Tr. Nakamura Sakuo)

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***** Madame Pele
Non-seasonal Topic for Haiku

The Halemaumau Crater of the Kilauea Volcano is the present home of Madame Pele. Madame Pele is the Hawaiian volcano and fire goddess. Whether or not you see hot fiery explosions and liquidity molten lava on your Hawaii volcano helicopter tour is strictly up to the temperament of Madame Pele.
The story of Madame Pele goes back to centuries-old chants and oral traditions of the Hawaiian people, describing the volcanic explosions and the lava of flows that formed today's Hawaiian Islands.


this lady
that dances with fire
my muse
a goddess of the night
singing the blues

Shanna Moore, 2006

火と踊る 夜の女神や 哀愁歌
hito odoru yoru no megami ya aishuu-ka

(Tr. Nakamura Sakuo)


. Volcano and Volcanic Ash (kazan, kazanbai)  

***** Fog, Mist, Haze and more



Gabi Greve said...

this entry is a classic.

we covered all the issues that define what we are about.

haiku is a world phenomenon, and as a world phenomenon is now mature enough to require new rules, a new understanding of the truth of the physical and human seasons of haijin around the world.

fog comes when it comes.

school starts when it starts.

and sometimes, in some part of the world, the dreaded two kigo haiku is necessary to convey the truth of the moment.

in honoring and accepting that fog comes when it comes, that school starts when it starts, we are no less than activists for world peace.

let us be architects of fine haiku and architects of world peace.

susan delphine delaney md
plano, texas
where we have thunder in every month


Anonymous said...

What an interesting page, Gabi...
the blend of Shanna's and Sakuo's stories and haiku is delightful, and I learned something (again)!



Unknown said...

vog and pele, those words sound fantastic.


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