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World XXX Day

Here is a large collection of days remembered worldwide for a special purpose.
Some have an entry of their own, so click on the hyperlink, please.
World Memorial Days, World Days.

If you google with the name of any day, I am sure you will find all the basic informations yourself.

The seasons are corresponding to the Japanese Haiku Seasons.


Kigo for Spring

International Woman's Day

International Development Week
February 01

World Wetlands Day
February 02

World Cancer Survivors Day
February 02

February 04 (March 20)

World Day of the Sick
February 11

Festival of Women as Cultivators
February 18

International Mother Language Day
February 21

Central Excise Day
February 24

National Science Day
February 28

Universal Human-beings Week
March 01

National Safety Week
March 04

International Women's Week
March 04

World Sustainable Energy Day
March 07

International Women's Day
March 08

United Nations Day for Women's Right & International Peace
March 08

Commonwealth Day
March 10

World Disabled Day
March 15

World Consumer Rights Day
March 15

World Forestry Day
March 21

World Poetry Day
March 21

International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
March 21

World Water Day
March 22

World Meteorological Day
March 23

World TB Day - World Tuberculosis Day
March 24

World Theatre Day
March 27

World Apitherapy Day Bee Therapy Day
March 30

Earth Hour
last Saturday of March

APRIL, National Poetry Month, USA

Prevention of Blindness Week
April 01

International Children's Book Day
April 02

National Maritime Day
April 05

World Health Day
April 07

Arbor Day (tree day)
April 10

Customs Day
April 14

Fire Service Week
April 14

World Heritage Day
April 18

World Amatuer Radio Awarness Day
April 18

World Earth Day
April 22

World Book and Copyright Day
April 23

International Dance Day
April 29

Anti-Child Labour Day
April 30


Kigo for Summer

World Music Day

World Youth Day

International Labour Day
May 01

Week of Solidarity with the People of Non Self Governing Territories
May 02

World Press Freedom Day
May 03

National Labour Day
May 05

World Asthma Day
May 07

World Red Cross Day
May 08

Universal Family Week
May 09

Europe Day
May 09

National Technology Day
May 11

International Migratory Bird Day
May 11

International Family Day
May I5

World Telecommunication Day
May 17

International Museum Day
May 18

World Day for Cultural Development
May 21

Week of Solidarity with the People of All Colonial Territories Fighting for Freedom, Independence and Human Rights
May 25

Missing Children's Day
May 25

World No Tobacco Day
May 31

International Day Of Innocent
June 04

World Children Victims of Aggression
June 04

World Enviroment Day
June 05

World Oceans Day
June 08

Day of the African Child  Kenya, Africa, worldwide
June 16

World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought
June 17

World Refugee Day
June 20

United Nations International Day in Support of Victims of Torture
June 26

Anti Drug Day
June 26

World Diabetes Day
June 27

World War 1 Commemoration
June 28

World Population Day
July 11


Kigo for Autumn

World Alzheimer's Day


World Deaf Day
September 23, 25 or other dates are quoted.

On 27 September 2004 a unique happening took place in Flanders, Belgium. That day, the Flemish Deaf embraced their northern colleagues from the Netherlands by organising a World Deaf Day together.

daylight noises:
she realises that her world
is a blaring silence

a silent cry--
clapping hands to see
her newborn smile

Kala Ramesh, India, September 2006

... ... ...

Sitting together
Deaf and Dumb; no door for foes
Eyes open, the loopholes.

© Aju Mukhopadhyay, India, 2006

... ... ...

deaf boys --
their sign language argument
comes to blows

deaf couple
grabbing each other's hands
to shut each other up

sudden deafness --
the lonely stillness
in my head

the echo of silence
sounds the same

i close my eyes
to make the world disappear --

hortensia anderson, 2006

... ... ...

the first ever DeafRenga - Bristol Sign Poetry Festival2010
source : Alan Summers


World Peace Day
... Hiroshima Day also: Nagasaki Day, August 06 and 09

International Day of Indigenous People
August 09

World Youth Day (Weltjugendtag). Italy, Germany, worldwide

..... Independence Day (India)

Women's Equality Day
August 26

National Nutrition Week
September 01

International Literacy Day
September 08

World Trade Centre Tragedy (2001)
Nine Eleven 2001, USA 9/11. September Eleven
September 11

International Cross-Cultural Day
September 14

Ozone Day
September 16

International Day For Peace, World Peace Day
September 17

World Car Free Day, Carless Day
September 22

World Rose Day
September 22

Playing for Change Day
September 22

We Day We Schools in Action
September 27

World Tourism Day
September 27

Arthur's Day - Arthur Guinness - Beer
September 27

World Heart Day
September 28

Green Consumer Day
September 28

World Elders Day
Senior Citizen's Day. Respect for the Aged Day (keiroo no hi)
October 01

World Vegetarian Day
October 1

Wildlife Week
October 01

Universal Children's Week
October 01

World Habitat Day
October 03


World Animal Day
October 04
It started in Florence, Italy in 1931 at a convention of ecologists.
source : wikipedia

World Animal Day:
they observe it feasting
on rich animal flesh.

© Aju Mukhopadhyay, India, 2006

World Animal Day <>
a huge truck waits
at the slaughter house

Gabi Greve, Japan


World Homeless Day
October 10
August 25 is the annual Day of the Homeless in Toronto.

Columbus Day
October 12

World Food Day
October 16

Anti Poverty Day, World Poverty Day
International Day for the Eradication of Poverty
October 17

. United Nations Day .
October 24

. International Day of Climate Action .
- World Environment Day
October 24


Kigo for Winter

Sushi Day 寿司の日 Sushi no hi
November 1

World Quality Day
November 08

Legal Services Day
November 09

World Kindness Day
November 13

Children's Day
November 14

World Heritage Week
November 14

National Cooperative Week
November 15

International Day for Tolerance and Peace
November 16

National Integration Day
November 19

Child Rights Day
November 20

Universal Children's Day
November 20

Africa Industrialization Day
November 20

World Television Day
November 21

World Mother-in-Law's Day. Mother in Law
November 23

International Day on Violence against Women
November 25

International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People
November 29

International Computer Security Day
November 30

World AIDS Day
December 01

World Pollution Prevention Day
December 02

World Handicap Day, Black Day for the Blind
December 02

World Human Rights Day
December 10

World Photography Day
December 28 (sometimes on August 19)

Oil Conservation Week
January 04

World Braille day
January 04

Road Safety Week
January 10

National Youth Day
January 12

World Army Day
January 15

Pin Code Week
January 15

Eros Day
January 22

National Day of Patriotism
January 23

International Customs Day
January 26

World Leprosy Day
January 27

January 28

World Martyrs Day
January 30

National Cleanliness Day
January 30

Here is a list with a few more (external LINK):


World Days celebrated by the Catholic Church
Compiled by Cristian Mocanu, 2006

January 1-st: World Peace Day

January 18-th-25-th:World Week of Prayers for Christian Unity
(jointly celebrated by the Catholic Church and the World Council of Churches)

January 22-nd: World Migrants'and Refugees' Day
January 29-th: World Leprosy Day
February 2-nd:World Day of Consecrated Life (monks, friars, nuns etc.)
February 11-th: World Day of the Sick

Palm Sunday: World Youth Day-yearly local celebration Holy Thursday (Thursday before Easter): World Priests'Day

May 7-th: World Vocations'Day
May 28-th: World Media Day

June 23-rd: World Day of Prayers for the Sanctification of Priests (not to be confused with World Priests'Day)

October 22-nd:World Missions Day

(Some of them have already been mentioned in the long list above.)


World Days with differing dates

World Friendship Day, Happy Friendship Day
To demonstrate the extraordinary power and importance of simple human kindness by promoting the practice of kind acts, large and small, on a regular basis.

March 1, November 13, December 8


Please add your suggestins for a World Day as a comment here!


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1 comment:

Gabi Greve said...

Contribution from Isabelle :

> -- Missing Children's Day
> Another World Day that is very popular in Kenya, is the Day of the African Child, 16 June. A few months ago, I started a little collection of materials for it. Here already is the UNICEF link, which recalls that it was started to commemorate the children's uprising in apartheir South Africa :
> http://www.unicef.org/infobycountry/southafrica_34550.html
> A European event -- not a day, but a week -- is Mobility Week, when we all try to use various forms of transport, particularly those which are not cars, and those which are fuelled by sustainable energy sources.
Last year, we had wonderful modern cycle rickshaws on the streets of Brussels during Mobility Week -- and in any case, bicycles come out in force!
> Mobility Week is here :
> http://www.mobilityweek-europe.org/
> In Brussels, Car-free Sunday (my favourite Sunday of the whole year!) falls within Mobility Week.


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