Drought (hideri)

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Drought (hideri)

***** Location: Japan, other regions
***** Season: Late Summer, see below
***** Category: Heavens


.. .. .. drought, hideri, 旱

drought, kanbatsu 旱魃
fields during a drought, withered fields, hiderida 旱田
..... hideribatake 旱畑(ひでりばたけ)
hiderigusa 旱草(ひでりぐさ)plants in a drought

long drought, great drought, taikan 大旱

natsu hideri 夏旱(なつひでり)summer drought
hideri tsuzuki 旱続き(ひでりつづき) continuous drought

hiderizora 旱空(ひでりぞら)sky in a drought
..... kanten 旱天(かんてん)
hiderigumo 旱雲(ひでりぐも)clouds in a drought

hideridoshi 旱年(ひでりどし)year with drought

Fields withered by the cold is a kigo for winter.
Withered Plants (karekusa)


kigo for all autumn

aki hideri 秋旱 (あきひでり) drought in autumn

Kigo for Autumn


kigo for all winter

fuyuhideri, fuyu hideri 冬旱 (ふゆひでり) drought in winter
kanhideri, kan hideri 寒旱(かんひでり)drought in the cold

Kigo for Winter


.. .. .. .. .. What is a drought?
A drought is defined as "a period of abnormally dry weather sufficiently prolonged for the lack of water to cause serious hydrologic imbalance in the affected area." -
Glossary of Meteorology (1959).

In easier to understand terms, a drought is a period of unusually persistant dry weather that persists long enough to cause serious problems such as crop damage and/or water supply shortages. The severity of the drought depends upon the degree of moisture deficiency, the duration, and the size of the affected area.

There are actually four different ways that drought can be defined.
Meteorological-a measure of departure of precipitation from normal. Due to climatic differences, what might be considered a drought in one location of the country may not be a drought in another location.

Agricultural-refers to a situation where the amount of moisture in the soil no longer meets the needs of a particular crop.

Hydrological-occurs when surface and subsurface water supplies are below normal.

Socioeconomic-refers to the situation that occurs when physical water shortages begin to affect people.

What are the impacts of a drought?
Lack of rainfall for an extended period of time can bring farmers and metropolitan areas to their knees. It does not take very long; in some locations of the country, a few rain-free weeks can spread panic and affect crops. Before long, we are told to stop washing our cars, cease watering the grass, and take other water conservation steps. In this situation, sunny weather is not always the best weather.

................. Read more about it here:

NOAA's Drought Information Center
National Drought Monitor Graphic Image
Palmer Drought Index Graphic

Worldwide use

Australian Saijiki : drought
topic for haiku

drought -
wind sweeps the stones
in the temple pond

long drought -
boulder lichen
holds on

Lorin Ford, Australia, 2009


On the California coast a "dry season" lasts from the end of the rainy season in April until the rains commence again in November (dates approximate because El Nino, La Nina, dry spells and droughts have to be factored in).

In the dry season, the grass on the foothills dries of to a light oche--one Stanford author called them 'lion colored'.
Linda Papanicolaou



Nicht ein Vogel singt
im sonnenverbrannten Feld.
Fern der dunkle Wald.

Beate Conrad
Sommer 2009

Things found on the way

................................ Dry Spell
In Ireland... a dry spell is that 5 minutes' break you get between the showers! And it can occur any day of the year.

Isabelle Prondzynski

............. After a long Dry Spell

> stars between the clouds-
> a broken umbrella lies
> in the puddle

Wlodzimierz Holsztynski


after the drought
faces lift
to the sky

M. Shanna Moore, Hawaii


Taikai no ushio wa aredo hideri kana

The water is deep  
ln the ocean;  
Drought in the land

It was written in 1904, when Kyoshi was 31 years old.


pouring here and there
words everywhere -
still the drought lingers

Louise Linville (Caladyelle)


drought --
an ancient lake bed
swallows a traveler

© Chibi 2007 知美

Related words

***** Water shortage

The regular DRY SEASON of tropical areas is a different thing.

. SAIJIKI for tropical regions

Kigo for Summer



Gabi Greve said...

Water... too much, too little...
and yet the sound of the frog's jump can make me leap with joy!

tsunami-hurricane-drought: titans stir again

. Read more about this topic from CHIBI .


Gabi Greve said...

Drought forces Kenyan nomads to rethink traditions

For centuries Kenya's pastoralists have criss-crossed the arid plains of eastern Africa, moving with their families and herds in search of water and grazing pastures ...

. Read the full article here, January 13, 2006 .


Isabelle said...

Thank you, Njoroge, for this heart-felt haiku :

a cracked-
backed earth
desperation for rain

~ Anthony Njoroge

Kenya Forum said...

It is so dusty and some poor villagers have badly been dismayed by the failed rains.
Women fetch water about ten kilometres from their homes,while at the same time the water they fetch is not as important as the place , partiulaly the kambas [my tribe ] are badly affected by famine.
It is sad:

dusty cloud
all over the dry places-
pathetic sight

malnourished dog
on my visit unable to bark loud-
coutable ribs

thin cows and goats
being driven to a dead stream-
struggling hooves

under the huge mugumo tree
women cue for tear-drop well-water-
cemetery silence

worried farmer
unthutches granary to feed cows-
carcas on a tree

in the church service
uncoordinated hymn tones-
thin faces

pray for kenya, you haiku family
wambua harrison

Gabi Greve / Kenya Saijiki said...

drought haiku from Kenya

Shiki Kukai September 2012


Gabi Greve said...

Legend from Nagano
上田市 Ueda city

Kokubunji no bonshoo 国分寺の梵鐘 The temple bell of Kokubun-Ji

The temple bell from Temple Kokubun-Ji had fallen into the lake 須川湖 Sukawako.
Since that time, the lake never dried out during a drought.
If - very seldom - ryuzu 竜頭 the hook of the temple bell showed above the water, this dragon would call clouds and soon it would rain.

Gabi Greve said...

Legend from Mount Fujisan
Fuji no Jintoku 富士の神徳 blessings from Mount Fujisan
Two springwaters on the top of Mt. Fuji are called
Kinmei-sui and Ginmei-sui (Gold water and Silver water).
kinmeisui 金明水 Gold Water
The water is put in bottles and carried home.
The water will never grow bad.
Even during kanbatsu 旱魃 a strong drought the wells will not dry out.
Putting paper in the bottle will make it a powerful amulet.

Gabi Greve said...

Legend from Kagawa 綾歌郡 Ayauta district 坂出町 Sakaide town
. Gyooki Bosatsu 行基菩薩 Gyoki Bosatsu (668 - 749) .
Saint Gyoki Bosatsu performed exorcist rituals at a mountain, when ryuujo 龍女 a female dragon flew up and away.
She left a hair ornament to be venerated as an object of worship.
During a kanbatsu 旱魃 drought, amagoi 雨乞い rain rituals were performed.

Gabi Greve said...

Legend from Shimane 簸川郡 Hikawa district 大社町 Taisha town
- 出雲国日御碕大神宮竜蛇神徳記 Records of Jintoku at the Great Shrine in Hinomisaki, Izumo no Kuni -
. ryuuja 竜蛇と伝説 Legends about Ryuja - a Dragon Serpent .
Sometimes Ryuja 竜蛇 a dragon serpent, meseenger of ryuujin 竜神 the Dragon Deity, appears.
Therefore there are no fires and no drought in Hinomisaki.

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