Christmas Moon

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Christmas Moon, Weihnachtsmond

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Sometimes the full moon happens around December 23 to 27. This is our Christmas moon.
In 2004, it was the 27 th of December.
Gabi Greve

The small Christmas moon of 2004
It's a special full moon, too: the smallest of 2004. Soaring high in the sky, it might remind you of a shiny white Christmas ball for your tree. Don't bother reaching for it... it's 406,700 km away!
Technically speaking, the moon isn't 100% full until Dec. 26th. But that's perfect timing for Christmas carolers and Santa.
The practically-full moon on Dec. 24th and 25th rises early, lighting up streets and rooftops as soon as the sun goes down.
What makes this full moon small? Answer: The moon's lopsided orbit.

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So... to those of you who don't believe
in Santa, here's the proof:
Look out the window Christmas Eve
at the moonlight on your roof.

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Haibun by Debi Bender December 27, 2004

In Orlando, Florida, heavy cloud cover from the frigid north arrived on Christmas Eve, along with a sneezy, runny nose for me. Cold, constant rain fell all Christmas day. Interestingly, man-made “clouds” would also make a strong attempt throughout the United States to cover the presence of deity, or Christian concept of “the light of God-in-man” during the holiday season. Through the American Civil Liberties Union, designed to protect freedoms, constant arguments and legal injunctions attacked public religio-cultural displays with reference to Jesus Christ or the mention of God. Nativity sets, hymns, the Charles Dickens play, “A Christmas Carol,” to name a few targets. The freedoms of merry old Saint Nicholas seem somewhat safe for the moment, though. As is the tradition in our little family, we stayed warm with cozy get-togethers, enjoying the fellowship. Sharing gifts, music, good food and drink. Remembering the military troops in the war and around the world, away from home and family.

frigid rain
though the moon is unseen
yet it is Christmas

DW Bender


Haiga by Karina Kleskov


Christmas moon -
with great expectations
I put on my gloves

Gabi Greve

my expectations can be seen below, all your wonderful haiku.


A Collection of Haiku from the WHCworkshop 2004.

cleaning up
after the presents-
Christmas moon

Christmas moon-
waiting for
his first words

the twinkling lights-
Christmas moon

Kate Steere

o o o o o

Weihnachtsmond -
durch die Stille faehrt
ein leerer Bus

Christmas moon -
through the silence drives
an empty bus
(Tr. Gabi Greve)

Gerd Boerner, WHCgerman

o o o o o

Christmas moon
fresh chocolate cake
from the kitchen

Ella Wagenmakers

o o o o o

christmas dinner -
there appear to be two moons
full in the sky

kevr (L/boro December 04)

o o o o o

moon scattering presents
round the world

Sally Evans

o o o o o

Christmas decorations
our eyes keep returning
to the haloed moon


o o o o o

switching off
the Christmas lights -
the room bright with moon

Norman Darlington

o o o o o

Christmas moon
my warm pajamas
not warm enough

Christmas Moon -
my neighbor's son explains
the art of Arnis

deborah russell

o o o o o

Christmas moon --
the shadows of three deer
reach our front door

Christmas moon --
the front door is approached
by three shadows


o o o o o

christmas moon
breakes thru the trees



over Bethlehem
the same Christmas moon
above me

still cold
beneath the bright
yule moon

Michael Baribeau

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Anonymous said...
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Gabi Greve said...

By Tomislav Maretic:

Christmas moon --
the most beautiful ornament
over the square


Gabi Greve said...

By Brenda Roberts

covered with moons
paper garlands and candy canes
the small pine


white Christmas in Texas
the moon in the snow globe


For those not aware, Houston and Galveston which almost never have gotten snow had a White Christmas. I hear even New Orleans LA had its first snow in over 50 years! What a strange year.

Brenda Roberts


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