Preparing an Entry of a Kigo


Submit your haiku !

Just add it as a comment to the BLOG entry where it belongs.
I will pick it up from there.

Or send it directly to me:
worldkigo .....


Submit your regional kigo !

Best read at least about 10 examples of existing entries to get a feeling for the information we are trying to put together.


Read the section about Seasons and Categories

to make yourself familiar with these concepts.

Check the general index and the latest additions, to make sure the kigo is not already on our list. Check for various synonymes too.
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Send me the information and haiku you would like to submit as a new kigo entry.

That is all !

You can write your own text of explanation, giving your full name at the end of the paragraph.

You can add internet information, quoting the important parts and never forget to add the LINK adress at the end of it. Also give the LINK for photos you want to be added or send your own photos to me.

If you quote the name of a haiku poet, please add the Code for the Country , if you know where he lives.
(Example: Gabi Greve, JP)

For now, never forget to have fun while you are doing it.
Imagine you are explaining to a child which does not know about “this-special-kigo” and you are trying to convey the meaning, thus learning a lot about your own culture in the end, I am sure.

If you are really serious, we can start your own saijiki about your area and add a lot more haiku and information as we go on. There are no deadlines involved.

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Gabi Greve


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