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This database of seasonal words (kigo) is for educational purposes only. It is addressed to the growing population of haiku poets worldwide to serve as a reference for the use in composing haiku.

This database relies heavily on information, images and haiku found in public domains whilst searching the Internet with YAHOO and GOOGLE. I consider this material officially published, like in a book, and will use it as reference material to illustrate and explain a kigo.
Any copyright material mirrored on these pages is intended for the private personal study of haiku poets or students of Japanese culture only.
Apart from any fair dealing for purposes of study and research, as permitted under the Copyright Law, material will not be used.
When material is copied I give credit to the source directly below the item.

The World Kigo Database is not a haiku magazine.

I do not look for first-publications, I just reference anything that I find on the WWW, and also inlclude first contributions send directly to me. But they can be published elsewhere at any time, that is up to the poet.
The kigo database project does not claim any rights for first publications, it is only a reference database.

The copyright of any haiku included in this database remains with their respective authors.

All translations are the copyright of the translator.

Because of the sheer volume of the database, I do not always find the time to ask individual permission of each poet.

If you (as a copyright owner) feel that your work has been improperly reproduced herein, or misrepresented in any way, or should you feel that I have infringed on your copyright, I kindly ask that you contact me directly with your request to have your material removed.
If I have mistakenly omitted a credit, or given an incorrect credit, please e-mail so I can fix it or remove it from this site.

Dr. Gabi Greve
Daruma Museum, GokuRakuAn, Japan
The World Kigo Database

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