Surfing, Surfer

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Surfing, Surfer

***** Location: Hawaii
***** Season: Winter
***** Category: Humanity


Surfing in Hawaii, there is not much to explain.

Surfing Hawaii: Your Guide to the Surf!

Surf Guide Hawaii is your online source for hawaiian surf break information and knowledge, created by locals. Hawaiian waves and information for beginners and experts alike!

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Things found on the way


on the mountain..
old surfer
with pockets full of sand

Shanna Moore


Read about a Haiku Competition on Surfing Haiku:
All you had to do is write a Haiku poem about surfing.

The winning Haiku was written by a ten year old girl whose brother is a mad keen Taj Burrow fan. He convinced the whole family to enter and his little sister won the prize.

This is Eliza Shaw's winning haiku

feeling the deepness
of the wave you are riding
the spray in your eyes


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