Strawberries (ichigo)

***** Location: Japan, USA, other countries
***** Season: Early Summer
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ichigo イチゴ、苺 strawberry
ichigo 覆盆子(いちご)
kusa ichigo 草苺(くさいちご) Rubus hirsutus
ichigo tsumi 苺摘み(いちごつみ) picking strawberries
ichigobatake 苺畑(いちごばたけ) field with strawberries
Fam. Fragaria

Strawberries have been introduced to Japan by the Dutch merchands during the Edo period, at that time they were called "Holland Strawberries" (oranda ichigo). The season started in early summer, so they became a kigo of that period. Later they were grown in large hothouses, along many costal areas in Japan. Now the strawberry season starts before the New Year, since they are used as a decoration for the whipped cream Christmas Cake. They are also used as Birthdy Cake decorations. I tried to grow them in the garden, but the strong weeds are no match for these delicate plants, you need a hothouse indeed.
Gabi Greve



kigo for early summer

hebi ichigo, kuchinawa ichigo 蛇苺 (へびいちご) "snake strawberry"
Duchesnea chrysantha

nawashiro ichigo 苗代苺 (なわしろいちご) native raspberry, or small-leaf bramble
Rubus parvifolius
mitsuba ichigo 三葉苺(みつばいちご)"three leaves strawberry"
satsuki ichigo 五月苺(さつきいちご)
saotome ichigo 早乙女苺(さおとめいちご)

ki ichigo, ki-ichigo 木苺 "tree strawberries", bramble
Rubus family, Rubus idaeus

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a kind similar to raspberry or blackberry


kigo for late summer

suna ichigo 砂苺(すないちご)"sand strawberry"
Epigaea asiatica
iwanashi 岩梨 (いわなし) "rock pear"
Etsukitsu 越橘(えつきつ)
. kokemomo 苔桃 (こけもも) bilberry, Preiselbeere .


kigo for all winter

fuyu ichigo 冬苺 winter strawberries
kan ichigo 寒苺 "strawberries in the cold"
Rubus buergeri

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They grow and have flowers in summer in the mountains and bring red fruit in winter.
They are not the one's grown in hot houses.


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The Complete Strawberry Page

Strawberry Historical Facts
Strawberries are thought to have been cultivated in ancient Rome.

The strawberry, as we know it, was originally grown in northern Europe, but species are also found in Russia, Chile, and the United States.

The berries seem to be strewn among the leaves of the plant. The plant first had the name strewberry, which later was changed to strawberry.

In France strawberries were cultivated in the 13th Century for useas a medicinal herb.

Historical Medicinal Uses of Fragaria Vesca (Alpine Strawberry):
It is said that the leaves, roots and fruits of this variety of strawberry were used for a digestive or skin tonic. Internally, the berry was used for diarrhoea and digestive upset, while the leaves and the roots were used for gout. Externally, it was used for sunburn and skin blemishes, and the fruit juice was used for discoloured teeth.

The first American species of strawberries was cultivated about 1835.
The first important American variety, the Hoveg, was grown in 1834, in Massachusetts. The hybrid variety was developed in France.

The strawberry is considered one of the most important small fruits grown in the Western Hemisphere. Today every state in the United States and every province in Canada grows the strawberry plant.

Strawberry Horticultural Facts
Gardening Hints & Tips
Commercial Sources for the Strawberry Plant
General Horticultural Data & Information
Strawberry Diseases and Pests Information
Commercial Sources of the Strawberry Plant


The First Strawberries
Retold by Barbara Shining Woman Warren

In the beginning of the world, ga lv la di e hi created First Man and First Woman. Together they built a lodge at the edge of a dense forest. They were very happy together; but like all humans do at times, they began to argue.

Finally First Woman became so angry she said she was leaving and never coming back. At that moment First Man really didn't care. First Woman started walking eastward down the path through the forest. She never looked back.

As the day grew later, First Man began to worry. At last he started down the same path in search of his wife. The Sun looked down on First Man and took pity on him. The Sun asked First Man if he was still angry with First Woman. First Man said he was not angry any more. The Sun asked if he would like to have First Woman back. Fist Man readily agreed he did.

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Worldwide use

Erdbeere. Berry of the earth.
I have fond memories of the strawberries in our garden in summer and grandmother's strawberry jam. The strong smell of these berries is somehow a reminder of childhood.
Gabi Greve

Although available year round now, I think of Strawberries as a summer kigo. As a child I couldn't wait for 'strawberry season', especially when I had my own patch that threatened to take over our yard.
Kate Steere

Things found on the way

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Ichigo and Daruma


hi no yoo ni ichigo narabete tabe-ni-keri

like flames
I arrange the strawberries
and eat them . . .

Gotoo Takashi 五島高資 (1968 - )


strawberry picking-
my basket
and stomach filled

sharing a strawberry-
the argument

*see the story above

Kate Steere


wind swept path
hikers hunched against rain
wild strawberries

verwehter Pfad
Wanderer stemmt sich gegen Regen
wilde Erdbeeren

sentier balayé par le vent
marcheurs courbés sous la pluie
fraises sauvages

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German translation : Andreas Brauers


buxom lady
the scent of strawberries
on your hot lips

Geert Verbeke

Related Words

***** Cranberries : kigo for early winter (> Thanksgiving )

thanksgiving grace ~
cranberries holding
the shape of the can

Mark Alan Osterhaus


cranberry frost
the crackle of ice
before the canoe

Jim Kacian Winchester, VA, USA


wiping a splash
from the tattered recipe
cranberry relish

Marlene Egger


but I love you ...
a gentle fight for
the last strawberry

© Gabi Greve, June 2008
with more STRAWBERRY HAIKU of my friends


amaou あまおう / 甘王 Amao strawberries
Lit. "Sweet King". 





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Legend from Aichi 愛知県
北設楽郡 Kita-Shitara district 東栄町 Toei

reiyaku 霊薬 a wonder-drug, miraculous medicine
About 30 years ago, 為義 Tameyoshi made a living as a hunter. Once he had a dream.
He had been asked to catch a kitsutsuki 啄木鳥 woodpecker to use for making a medicine, but during the hunt was attacked by a huge hawk. The hawk had all white feathers and on each one there was 黄金の鈴 a golden bell. It turned out to be a Karasu Tengu who taught him about three herbs to burn for a medicine. One of them was hebi ichigo 蛇苺 "snake strawberry", Duchesnea chrysantha, but the other two he could not remember when he woke up.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .