Schoolyear begins

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Schoolyear begins

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The new schoolyear begins!
Different countries have different customs, let us look at some of them.

Gabi Greve


Worldwide use


Schulbeginn, Schulanfang, September
Kigo for Autumn.
I remember we got a big bag of sweets (School Cone, Schultüte) on the very first day of our school life.

Gabi Greve


"The School Cone" is one way I've seen this translated, even though the word "Tüte" translates more as bag; a paper (and later plastic) bag in particular.

Now what in the world is a School Cone? Alright, I'll tell you: When children in Germany set off for their first day in school, their parents and/or grandparents present them with a big cardboard cone, prettily decorated and filled with candy and cookies and chocolates and maybe oranges or any sweet a child might particularly fancy. To make this anxiously awaited first day in school just a little bit sweeter.

That picture above, that's me, by the way, on my first day of school, backpack in place, shyly clutching my goodie-filled cone. I remember it like it was yesterday: Shiny bright green my cone was, with silver trim, the darker-green crepe paper on top, tied together with a silk bow in different shades of green. My skirt and trim on the sweater was grey and the rest of the sweater was a pretty faded brick colour. Of course those were grey stockings and black patent leather shoes. Oh my!

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Look at this bag of ideas:



School Year Starts

kigo for the hot and dry season.



Schoolyear begins (Sept.15th )
Kigo for Autumn
Almost a public holiday, it is-also for those no longer attending school-a day to remember their teachers, living or dead.

Cristian Mocanu, RO

Things found on the way


soft, bittersweet smile
preparing the first school meal
for her eldest child

not the kids’voices
but the soft breeze reminds me
of my old teachers…

much stronger than
the words of festive speeches—
the wind and the leaves

Cristian Mocanu, RO


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***** Graduation (sotsugyoo, Japan) Abitur, Schulabschluss

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