Rumpot (Rumtopf)

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Rumpot (Rumtopf, Germany)

***** Location: Germany
***** Season: Winter
***** Category: Humanity


Rumtopf (German rum and fruits punch)
Traditionally served over ice cream, yogurt, waffles or cake during Advent or on Christmas morning, Rumtopf is an old traditional preparation of fermented rum-soaked fruit aged in a crock pot.

A delicious treat of aged, rum-soaked fruit, in the German and Austrian tradition. You can also soak the fruit in bourbon, in the French tradition, or in your favorite brandy or other alcoholic beverage that is at least 80 Proof (40% alcohol by volume).

Use one or more, or all, of the fruit in the guide below. Traditionally, the process took months to prepare - as each type of fruit ripened and became seasonally available, it would be washed, dried, sugared, and placed in the Rum Pot.

Age the mixture in a cool place for at least three months to ferment properly. It will keep indefinitely as long as it is completely covered with the rum. Then enjoy over ice cream, yogurt, cake, waffles, etc., or by itself with a topping of cream.

We have special pots to prepare this concoction, you can see some and read more recipies on this link:


... ... ... ... ... ... ... Recipe

It is usual to begin with the first fruit of the season, strawberries. Wash and dry these thoroughly, remove all the green stems, put them into a dish, cover them with an equal weight of sugar and then allow them to stand for an hour. Place the fruit and sugar mixture into the Rumtopf, and cover it to a depth of half an inch with rum or your other chosen spirit or liqueur. Make sure that the spirit is at least 40% ABV, as it is the alcohol that preserves the fruit. White refined granulated sugar is most commonly used, but castor sugar will dissolve more easily.
It is important that the fruit remains submerged at all times, and this can be done by placing a plate or saucer on top of the fruits in the Rumtopf. Cover the top of the pot with cling film to prevent evaporation, and store in a cool place. When the next fruit is available, carry out the same procedure, except that from now on it is only necessary to use half as much sugar by weight as fruit. Use ripe, dry but firm fruit and never any that is overripe. Build the fruit up in layers, and do not stir as this will break up the fruit. Each time fruit is added it may be necessary to add more rum.

Continue to add fruits throughout the summer until your Rumtopf is full. Suitable fruits to use include apricots, cherries, grapes, peaches, plums, strawberries, raspberries, redcurrants and loganberries. Pineapple, with the rind and centre core removed, is best cubed and is usually the last fruit added.

It will be ready after 4-6 weeks, but at it's best after 2-3 months, which should be around Christmas.

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Worldwide use

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summer lingers
in my parfait glass--

arousing my palate--
summer's reprise

brimming a parfait glass--
summer's gift

Ed Schwellenbach


perfume of rum
after to much punch
no more punch

a broken rumpot
after the wild party
with a hung

Geert Verbeke

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a stain on the table cloth
still from Grandpa -
rumtopf season begins

Gabi Greve

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