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What is phenology?
Phenology is the study of observable and measurable events that tend to occur annually. Types of annual events at the Lakeshore Nature Preserve include:

* the dates that Lake Mendota freezes in the winter and thaws in the spring, or
* the date in early spring when male redwing blackbirds first, begin singing to declare their territories in the vicinity of University Bay.

Phenology can be enjoyed by everyone, no matter how much or how little they know about natural history. Small children can understand its core concepts, and senior scientists still experience wonder at the insights it generates. Phenological observations are also used to understand how our climate is changing.

The science called phenology, which studies natural events—season to season and year to year—in an effort to understand the natural cycles of ecosystems.

Watching the seasonal cycles of its plants, animals, and physical systems is a fascinating way to deepen your appreciation and understanding of a natural area.

Spring phenology
Summer phenology
Fall phenology
Winter phenology

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